Why yoga?

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 2.44.27 PMThe easiest way into the mind is through the body.  The science of yoga links your body and mind via the breath and when the breath is controlled, so is the mind.  The next time you are upset or angry, notice how you are breathing.  Conversely, notice how the breath is when you are calm, focused or happy.

Therefore, I often incorporate some yoga into sessions with clients to build awareness and inroads into the deeper thoughts and ideas about life that lie buried below the surface of our busy brain.


The goal of self exploration is to gain insight into what it means to be your true self. Yoga is one method that is allows you direct access into areas of your life that need your attention and/or you’ve been neglecting.

Sadly, most yoga is promoted as simply a physical activity, yet the real yoga is what is happening on the inside. So whether you put your leg behind your head or can’t touch your toes, as long as you can breath you can do yoga.


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