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Action versus Inaction-The desire to do something is strong in all of us. We have our secret fantasies, daydreams and people we hold up in high regard because what they do in life is something we aspire to do as well. However, taking those desires and thoughts and implementing them into tangible actions iis often a challenging task and sadly left unfulfilled. Why?

Moving you forward into action– When our core values are out of alignment with our thoughts and actions, we develop unhappiness, discomfort and unnecessarily wear on ourselves. There are times that we know why we are out of alignment, but often, we are unsure of why we are having such a challenging time in life. All we know is that we are unhappy.

Reasons for UncertaintyIf change is inevitable and if with it comes uncertainty, why is it not embraced? Why do we work so hard to try and keep things the same and ourselves away from the experience of uncertainty?


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