About Craig

I like to not only do things that matter to me, but keep them going in a positive direction.

Craig Morton in India

Craig Morton in Mysore, India

I’d like to keep this site more about you than me and I think what is important is the information on this site rather than my resume.  My interests include:

  • starting something that you always wanted to do
  • keeping your passions going and not having them fall by the wayside
  • disregarding age as an excuse
  • evaporating your excuses and purifying your means to achieve
  • silencing the negative voices
  • creating long term sustainable positive change
  • helping you make decisions based on hope rather than fear

The first post on this site was short but I wanted to capture the main theme of what I’m passionate about as well as an area that we all struggle with:

“What stops you from doing what you think about in your head and actually doing it?  The answer is personal, private, sometimes strange and often ridiculously uncomplicated.  It also changes and often daily.  In short, the answer to “what is in your way?” is elusive.  Slippery.  Fluid.  Frustrating. Enigmatic.

But actively exploring the question is not only invaluable, it is also extremely rewarding.  I’d even argue essential.  

To propel yourself forward it is time to figure out what stops you cold in your tracks.  To explore what limits you have imposed on yourself.  To recognize that you can do so much more than you tell yourself.   So….

What is stopping you today?”

I can help.  For a more detailed look at my credentials and experiences, feel free to have a look.

Get in touch with me today and have a look at my long term coaching emphasis

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