The importance of sharing our devils

Our devils

What is in the shadows

It is a hard thing to open up and sadly, often impossible for some.  We are so afraid of what would happen if other people saw just how different we were.  Just how fucked up we think we are.  

We’re not so different, though.  Our devils may have variations but at the core we are all the same.  We all have fears, an ego, shortcomings, apprehensions, weaknesses, doubts and a very large part of us that is scared.  Very, very scared.  

But when you let the devils out into a conversation, you are no longer that avatar or facade that you have been promoting. You’ve let your true self out.  You’ve connected with another human being on the most human of levels; letting them know that they are not alone.  That what they think and feel and wake up at panicked with at 2am is exactly what keeps you up as well.

It is what keeps us all up.

We are one

The sharing of our devils connects us to the whole of humanity but does more than simply remind us that we are not alone.  It also shrinks the size of our devils.  It puts them in their place because it is no longer them against you.  It is them against all of us.  And there are a lot of us.  

Becoming your true self is a journey of honesty with yourself and others.  So it is essential that these devils we all work so hard to hide get brought out into the light.  

We’re in this together.  

Don’t be afraid to share what is in your shadows because an honest life is so much more fulfilling than living with the devils.  


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