3 ways to create the most important moment of your day

The only thing between the ideas in your head and creating a reality is the act of starting.  It is a humbling process of letting go of your ego and preconceived images of perfection and simply getting messy.  And messy to the point where you can only laugh at yourself.6132262825_faaa3647f2_z

You see, we each have ideas of what we’d like to be doing or be, but in reality, they are just not happening.  Whenever I personally have problems with doing, or I”m talking to others who keep starting sentences with “I wish I could…”, this is what always works:

1.  Be OK with a “rough” start.  The important thing is starting so don’t worry about how it looks.  In reality, most people are so caught up in their own lives that nobody is paying attention to you anyway.  So if you want to start something new or stop something old, then do just that. 

And let it be less than ideal because the act of starting isn’t so much about actually doing something well.  It is about getting into it mentally.  That act of actually feeling the process start releases a tidal wave of motivation, a sense of accomplishment and kills the dread.

2.  Say “Fuck it” out loud (I know serious bloggers shouldn’t swear, but Fuck it).  Seriously.  Do the best you can with what you have and release the judgement of it all.  It is not perfect so fuck it.  It won’t ever be perfect ever.  Just. Try.

3.  Don’ think past the start.  There is a time to plan ahead and look up at where you are going, but sometimes looking too far ahead can paralyze you.  The idea is to let your brain act on some of the ideas you have in your head without worrying where it will take you.  Let your brain indulge and if it is happy, then you can start to look at step 2 and 3 and 4 and 5……but right now, all you need to enjoy is step one.

Don’t over think it.

Let it be ugly.

Let is be imperfect.

Do the best you can in your current situation and focus on starting.

When you are done, go about your day.  Then sleep. Then get up and start again.

The rest will come; if you keep starting that is.


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