Life coaching could be the worst descriptor ever. But if you dig a little deeper…

When I first heard the term life coaching, I laughed out loud.  It sounds ridiculous and pretentious as hell.  But, I am one now and if you can get past the title, it is a great support in life.  

What is coaching?

Coaching is about examining the choices we make in our life and deepening our understanding of why we make them.

These choices include our thoughts, behaviours and habits and each day is a chance to not only take a step forward in this understanding but to also open ourselves to the possibilities of different choices.

At the heart of our choices, lie our what it is that we truly believe about life.  These core values may be known to us but in many cases, we are unaware about what it is that fuels our decision making process.

Understanding our core values allows us to understand our choices and ultimately choose our actions.

I work with people just like you; people who are curious about the choices they are making in their life, searching for perspective and asking that question “How can I be my true self?”

Working together

I’ve done what you are thinking about.  I’ve been through a major lifestyle change.  I’ve lived a life where I knew deep in my mind and body, that this wasn’t really me.  

I’ve seen the ups and downs, the risks, the challenges, the rewards and most importantly, I’ve kept it going.

I think you would agree that wanting to create change in your life can be an exciting prospect. Ideas of changing something in your life such as getting healthy, changing jobs and even countries can start the seeds of motivation and really get you thinking. Or in many cases, all you know is that “something is off” but not sure just what.

But sadly, so many of these great ideas that you have of change never get a chance to grow and that nagging feeling of doing something never gets addressed.

This is why you need to work with me.   I’ve been there and I want to help you.

This idea of change that you have will not happen by itself and it needs your attention.  Together with your passion, motivation and desire combined with my experience and expertise, we can make your change not only possible, but fulfilling and sustainable.

We will:

  • examine where you are in life,
  • explore what you truly value and want to experience in life,
  • create action and support systems to implement your ideas of change
  • activate your true self 

Take action

Those ideas of change that you have are worth exploring.  Your true self is not being fully expressed and through the work of coaching, the layers of your life can be peeled away.  Recognizing that something needs changing is a brave first step and I acknowledge you for it.

The next step is to now start the process of exploration between what you are doing in life and what you consider “a life well lived”.

Contact me today for a free introductory talk where we can get to know each other and start bringing those ideas out of your head and into the world.  And if you wish, I promise not to use the word “life coaching”.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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